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One of the fundamental appeals of working for any company should be the opportunity for personal development. Being able to grow and develop your skills makes you more confident and secure in your role, and helps the business to grow alongside you.

Our range of Personal Development courses will help you gain the skills to be more effective in your role, and confidence that you can carry through into everyday life. The more you learn, the more value you can offer your organisation, and the greater satisfaction you will get from your work.

Our Personal Development courses range from writing and communication skills to time management and self-regulation. Each course aims to develop you as a person as well as an employee, making a mark that goes beyond what’s on your CV.


Personal Development courses

C.V. and Interview Confidence Skills

This course is ideal for job seekers at any point of their career stage. The skills gained on this course will help you to better understand the recruitment process, enhance your CV, develop interview skills. You will leave the course feeling confident, well prepared and ready to go out and secure a new role.

Our CV and Interview Confidence Skills course looks at the end to end interview process. We’ll help you get “Interview Ready” by helping you to craft a strong CV, LinkedIn Profile and gain clarity on how to target your search for a new role. The course equally focuses on “Interview Performance”, helping you to understand what the recruiters are looking for and how to answer their questions with more confidence and more focus so you are able to link your strengths and experiences to the requirements of the job description.

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Time Management - Managing Yourself and Your Time

This course is ideal for anyone who feels that they are constantly under pressure, and needs to manage their time more effectively.

It can often feel like we aren’t in control of our time. The days where you have little to do pass slowly, while the days where you’re under pressure to deliver fly by. When the end of the month arrives, it’s easy to look back on the weeks and wonder where your time went - and how sustainable this is going forwards.

Our Managing Yourself and Your Time course is about understanding how the demands of a busy job and life can be improved with time management skills. We’ll help you to identify where you’re going wrong, how to organise and plan your time more effectively, and how to be proactive rather than reactive - achieving a better work/life balance.

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Developing Self Confidence and Personal Resilience

This training course is for anyone who wants to understand how they can improve their own emotional intelligence and resilience in order to gain more self-confidence.

Resilience is a fundamental attribute in business today, not only as a key factor to individual success but also for the success of teams.  This training day offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to enhance personal resilience, as well as resilience within teams.

Delegates will learn how to avoid dwelling on ‘failures’, and instead use such experiences as valuable lessons, whilst persistently looking for ways to strive forward. By the end of the course, you’ll be better equipped to impart resilient attitudes within others, and to develop robust and adaptable teams.

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Assertive Communication Skills

Our Assertive Communication Skills course is ideal for anyone who wants to be more confident and assertive in their day-to-day communication.

Communicating assertively and with confidence is a vital skill in order to effectively convey your message. We can be the best in our role, but if we cannot communicate our wishes to others, our skills can often be undermined. 

Our Assertive Communication Skills course will help you to cultivate a more effective style of business communication, both with your colleagues and your customers. You'll learn how to be more confident without being aggressive, developing an approach to conversation that will win hearts and minds.

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Effective Presentation Skills

The Effective Presentation Skills course is ideal for anyone who has to make a presentation and wants to bolster their confidence and speaking technique.

If you’ve ever seen a TV show where someone is advised to ‘imagine the audience in their underwear’, you’ll know that a lot of people struggle with public speaking. From worrying about how you’ll come across, to projecting your voice, to forgetting what to say next, speaking to an audience can be a catalyst for all kinds of anxieties.

Our Effective Presentation Skills course will help you to minimise the nerves that come with presenting, enabling you to take control and deliver an impactful and inspiring message. Our practical training will enhance your public speaking skills, providing you with a structure and confidence that will invigorate your audience and enhance your presentations.

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Chairing Productive Meetings

Our Chairing Effective Meetings course is ideal for anyone with the responsibility for chairing or managing meetings, or who facilitates discussions within their business.

Very few people would profess a love for meetings, but that’s often because they’re not efficiently chaired. Ideally, meetings should run as short as possible while also maximising their usefulness. Unfortunately, many meetings run too long, achieve too little, and remove employees from the work they should be doing.

However you feel about your meetings, it’s likely that they could be further optimised. By taking our Chairing Effective Meetings course, you’ll gain a fuller understanding of the meeting process, and how to control and energise a discussion. By learning new processes, you’ll ensure your meetings encourage participation, and reach more decisive outcomes.

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Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation Skills

This course is ideal for anyone who would like to be more influential and more persuasive in their day-to-day interactions with colleagues or clients.

Whether you’re leading a negotiation or attempting to persuade a client or colleague, you need to connect to the person you’re talking to. Being persuasive and composed is important, but without making a strong personal impact - and being able to build rapport - your message is unlikely to get through.

Our Influencing, Persuasion and Negotiation Skills course teaches valuable communication skills in an active and practical manner. Delegates will learn how to form strong personal connections with others, how to listen and absorb information more effectively, and how  to tailor your message to the person you want to persuade.

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High Impact Presentation Skills

This course is ideal for directors & senior managers, or those with responsibility in delivering high level presentations.

You may think you’re a dab hand at presentations - but what happens when the venue gets bigger, the audience increases in size, the topic gets complicated, or the boardroom beckons? The basics of structure and delivery still apply, but the skills and techniques needed for each situation can differ wildly.

Our High Impact Presentation Skills course looks at the skills involved in successfully handling an 'advanced' presentation situation. With an opportunity to practice and receive on the spot coaching and feedback on the second day, this programme is for experienced presenters looking to build on and maximise their presentation skills.

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