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With so much business being conducted online, it can be tempting to think that old-fashioned salesmanship is dead. Yet the more we talk online, the more powerful phone calls and face-to-face communication become – making good sales skills a rare commodity.

Our Sales and Marketing courses will help you to identify, win and retain customer loyalty through better communication. You’ll learn to build a better rapport with your customers or clients, listening and adapting your approach to what they are saying.

Great sales and marketing training is about more than making your products look good. With courses including Sales Skills, Telephone Sales Skills and Negotiation Skills training, we’ll help you to build relationships that last beyond the initial impact of marketing.

Sales & Marketing courses

Effective Sales Skills & Techniques

This course is ideal for anyone new to a sales role and environment, or anyone who incorporates sales into their job

Sales can be a high pressure environment, and you want to get off to a good start. If you’re new to the sales role or are looking to integrate selling or account management, it’s vital that you gain an understanding of tried and tested sales techniques. Without them, you may not gain the conversions you need to gain enough time to improve.

Our Effective Sales Skills and Techniques course will drill you in the fundamentals of salesmanship, giving you the confidence you need to see sales through. You’ll learn about the role of the salesperson; how to research your client and set objectives; how to present benefits; closing sales positively, and overcoming any objections or resistance.

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Telephone Sales Skills

Our Telephone Sales Skills course is ideal for any team member who uses the phone to regularly contact clients to sell goods or services.

“Selling by phone” - three simple words that evoke a multitude of reactions (usually around intrusive evening calls). Part of the aversion many of us have to selling by phone is that we’ve tried it with little success, or been on the receiving end of bad calls. As a result, we feel that ‘it’s had its day’ or ‘it doesn’t work anymore’, and cast the idea aside.

In reality, the humble phone can still be the perfect tool for creating sales opportunities. Our telephone Sales Skills course is designed to revive and revitalise telesales skills for both inbound and outbound calls, empowering any staff member to have better conversations with customers - whether you’re exchanging goods, products, services, knowledge or skills.

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Sales and Negotiation Skills

This course is ideal for salespeople or other negotiators looking to bolster their negotiation skills, either face to face or by telephone.

Recent research states that the process of modern negotiation can involve anything up to seven people, from key decision makers to finance to procurement. Successfully engaging with all of them means having a broad set of communication skills, and knowing when and how to say ‘no’.

The course covers the fundamentals of successful sales negotiations - when to negotiate, key principles behind the process and how to deal with tactics or power play. It also looks at negotiation 'types', learning to say 'no' and handling objections. Practical advice combines with theory and practice to create a powerful and productive day.

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