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In the modern age, software and computing is the bedrock of most successful companies. A lack of computer literacy in key positions can lead to inefficient performance and decision making, leaving you trailing your tech-savvy rivals.

Our Software & Computing courses are designed to dispel fears around computing, teaching practical skills in an approachable manner. You’ll gain confidence using a variety of tools before moving onto more advanced topics, and mastering your chosen software.

Our Software & Computing courses range from well-known office software applications such as the Microsoft Office suite to productivity and organisational tools such as SharePoint and Teams. Each one will give you a skill set that can help your business and shine on your CV.

Software & Computing courses

Microsoft Word for Beginners

This Microsoft Word for Beginners training course is for anyone who needs to produce text regularly for a range of documents, such as simple letters and memos.

This course will give you the skills to type, save and print simple documents such as letters and memos. No previous experience is necessary.

The course focuses on quick ways to select, edit and format text. It is full of time-saving tips including how to teach Word your repetitive typing so that you never have to type it again.

Topics covered on the day may vary depending on the number of delegates in the training session, their pace and interests.

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The Fundamentals of Microsoft Project

Our Fundamentals of Microsoft Project course is ideal for anyone who needs to use Microsoft Project in their workplace, or is interested in introducing it to their workflow.

Few projects take place now without relying on some form of software, be it for communication or time management. If your organisation uses Microsoft applications, it’s likely that you will be working with Microsoft Project: one of the most popular tools for managing projects on any scale.

Our Fundamentals of Microsoft Project course is a hands-on introduction to Microsoft's popular project planning tool. You learn how to use Microsoft Project to create and manage your own projects, including how to make plans, how to assign resources, and how to view different forms of information in the software. 

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Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

Our Microsoft PowerPoint beginner course is ideal for anyone who needs to produce presentations, and feels that they could benefit from a better appreciation of the software.

We all know the perils of a bad PowerPoint presentation. Endless rolls of text, bad design and shoddy graphics can undermine even a well-spoken presentation, and be as much of a hindrance as a help. Using a bad PowerPoint at a meeting can prevent people from absorbing the information fully, and even distract them from what you’re saying.

Our Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint course aims to do away with dodgy PowerPoints, and empower you to give great presentations. Starting with an introduction to the software, our trainers will guide you through the use of text, graphics and animations, helping you to produce an effective and professional slideshow.

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Microsoft Excel for Beginners

This course is designed to introduce anyone who is unfamiliar with Excel to how the software functions, and impart basic skills that will be valuable to almost any office role.

Spreadsheets are the backbone of many a workplace, and Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet software of choice. Whether you’re making timetables, logging contact details, creating reports or tracking expenditure, Microsoft Excel has a myriad of different uses, and is essential for anyone performing office work.

Our highly practical Microsoft Excel for Beginners course introduces you to this integral part of the Microsoft Office suite. Coordinating with our expert tutors, you’ll familiarise yourself with Excel’s software environment, and learn the essential skills you’ll need to create and format spreadsheets with confidence.

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Microsoft Excel - Intermediate

Our action-packed Intermediate Training course builds on our Microsoft Excel Beginners course, extending your skills and further improving your confidence with the software.

Many of us are familiar with the basic functions of Microsoft Excel, but few realise how flexible the software is, and the range of situations it can be used for. Even if you have a solid grasp on how to use Excel, it’s likely that you’re missing out on tricks and tips that could elevate your productivity.

Our action-packed Intermediate Training course builds on our Microsoft Excel Beginners course, extending your skills and further improving your confidence with the software. Learners will delve into the facilities of data tables and databases, learn even more powerful formulae, and manage and finish their spreadsheets in a way that stands out from the crowd.

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Microsoft Excel - Advanced Course

Our Microsoft Excel - Advanced course is aimed at anyone who has used Excel for a substantial period of time, and is competent in the skills covered by our Microsoft Excel Beginner and Intermediate courses.

Even the most experienced users of Microsoft Excel are often surprised at the things they don’t know, and the capabilities of the software. These seemingly simple spreadsheets can be extremely powerful tools if you know what you’re doing, and utilised for everything from automating tasks to forecasting and problem solving.

This course builds on our Microsoft Excel Intermediate course, showing further data analysis techniques and looking at the world of what-if analysis for forecasting and problem solving.  You will also learn how to automate repetitive tasks with the use of simple macros.

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Introduction to Microsoft Teams

This course is designed for anyone who needs to effectively communicate with colleagues - either internally or externally - and is looking for an efficient tool for video conferencing and file sharing.

One of the major changes brought on by the recent pandemic has been the rise of remote working. Even as many businesses return to the workplace, flexible working arrangements are likely to persist now that the structures are in place to support them. 

One of the most popular tools for remote working has been Microsoft Teams, allowing users to chat, arrange conference calls and share files from Microsoft applications. This highly practical course introduces you to the Teams application, teaching you its essential features with maximum hands-on time and tutor-led instruction.

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Microsoft Powerpoint - Advanced

Our Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint course is suitable for anyone who has a good working knowledge of PowerPoint, but wishes to improve the design and delivery of their presentations.

When you have something riding on a presentation, the difference between a good and great PowerPoint slideshow can mean everything.  Done correctly, a PowerPoint presentation should add value - making your points more compelling, your information easier to digest, and your qualities more readily apparent.

This course is designed for delegates who have some experience of using PowerPoint to create or edit presentations, but wish to consolidate and build on that knowledge. As well as learning more advanced design tips, you’ll also receive guidance on the finer points of giving a presentation, from utilising media to rehearsing and presenting your script. 

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Introduction to Microsoft Sharepoint

The Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the basics of SharePoint, or is interested in introducing it to their workplace.

As businesses scale up and expand, keeping track of files and documents can become more challenging. Even if you have digitised all of your archives, the process of finding, accessing and sharing files can be cumbersome and disorganised - a problem that only magnifies the bigger your business gets.

Microsoft SharePoint has been one of the most popular platforms for sharing data for almost 20 years, and like the companies it serves, it continues to grow and develop. We’ll teach you how to use SharePoint to store, search, present and analyse data across your organisation - and use it to seamlessly interact with other Microsoft Office products.

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Introduction to Microsoft Outlook

This course is aimed at anyone who needs to use Microsoft Outlook in their role, wishes to bolster their CV, or is looking to introduce it to their workplace.

Good communication and organisation are fundamental to every business, and one of the best tools for both purposes is Microsoft Outlook. As well as allowing you to manage your email accounts, Outlook is also renowned for its calendar and contact functionalities, as well as the ability to schedule and organise tasks.

This hands-on course introduces you to the key features of Microsoft Outlook's electronic communications package. Learning from our expert trainers, you’ll be able to send and receive emails, create appointments in your calendars, manage distribution lists, use and assign tasks, and manage a comprehensive contacts database.

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Microsoft Visio - Introduction/Intermediate Combined Course

This course is ideal for anyone who needs to produce professional flowcharts, hierarchies and other diagrams, particularly in environments where there is a large amount of unprocessed data.

Data visualisation is an increasingly important tool for many businesses, both in organisation and decision-making. With more and more data being recorded and stored, the value of processing it into attractive and easily-parsed diagrams, graphs and other graphics is obvious - and the skills to do it are increasingly valuable.

Our Introduction/Intermediate Combined course is a highly practical introduction to the Visio application from the Microsoft Office suite.  You’ll become familiar with the essentials of Visio, learning how to create impressive graphics with maximum hands-on time and tutor-led instruction.

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Introduction to Microsoft Publisher

The Introduction to Microsoft Publisher course is a great introduction to the software, and designed for anyone who needs to produce flyers, mailshots, brochures or other marketing materials with ease and style.

For many businesses, visual design is not something you may want or need to dedicate resources to. Yet when the need crops up to produce a poster, pamphlet or other marketing materials, you may lack the expertise to do it. The result could reflect poorly on your business, or drive you to spending money unnecessarily on a designer.

Our highly practical Introduction to Microsoft Publisher course introduces you to the Publisher application from the Microsoft Office suite.  You will be made familiar with the essentials of Publisher, learning how to produce appealing layouts and professional designs with practical work and tutor-led led instruction.

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Managing Data Protection

This course is ideal for managers and staff who have access to personal data and are responsible for making decisions on how the data is used.

All businesses that hold personal data (e.g. customer names, contact details, email) are required to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act (UK DPA) 2018. There is another regulation, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), that businesses also need to adopt. 

While data protection can feel like a restriction on a business’s ability to function, it doesn’t need to be this way. Our course will give you a sound understanding of UK data protection laws and how to use them, enabling your business to operate more effectively and protect its staff and customers.

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