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Why book this course?

Very few people would profess a love for meetings, but that’s often because they’re not efficiently chaired. Ideally, meetings should run as short as possible while also maximising their usefulness. Unfortunately, many meetings run too long, achieve too little, and remove employees from the work they should be doing.

However you feel about your meetings, it’s likely that they could be further optimised. By taking our Chairing Effective Meetings course, you’ll gain a fuller understanding of the meeting process, and how to control and energise a discussion. By learning new processes, you’ll ensure your meetings encourage participation, and reach more decisive outcomes.

Who is the course for?

Our Chairing Effective Meetings course is ideal for anyone with the responsibility for chairing or managing meetings, or who facilitates discussions within their business.

It teaches lessons around communication, setting objectives and taking decisive action that can be applied more broadly, both with colleagues and on a personal level.

What content will the course cover?

  • Why do we have meetings?

  • Why do some meetings fail to achieve their objectives and lead to a loss of valuable time and money?

  • Setting objectives for different types of meetings

  • Choosing the right participants and assigning roles

  • Preparation of useful agendas and accompanying documentation 

  • Working effectively with the minute-taker

  • Selecting appropriate minutes’ styles for different types of meetings

  • Controlling the meeting: timings, participation, staying on track 

  • Stimulating useful discussion 

  • Controlling difficult behaviours and conflict

  • Using questions to manage participation and making proactive interventions

  • Tools for guiding participants towards making decisions and agreeing actions

  • Summarising decisions, outcomes and action plans

  • Using technology to effectively manage the process of note taking, distributing, and storing minutes and action plans

What will I get out of the training?

Candidates will learn how to structure their meetings to best effect, setting objectives for different kinds of meetings and preparing in the right way. They will also learn how to best stimulate discussion, manage difficult attendees, and guide participants towards making informed decisions and taking appropriate action.

Our approach at Kent Trainers is to offer bespoke training tailored to all types of businesses across the region. All of our courses aim to engage with learners on an individual level, and address their specific needs. We will endeavour to answer any questions you may have about meetings, and help you to develop skills that will enhance your business.

What is the duration of this course?

This is a 1-day course. 

The course commences at 9:30am and we aim to finish at approximately 4:30pm.
On all our scheduled courses, lunch is included and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

For virtual courses, timings will vary.  Details can be found next to each scheduled course date.

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