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You may have a great idea, great products and great people, but if you can’t manage and organise properly, you’ll struggle to make the most of them. Effective administration ensures that you remain orderly, efficient and informed – maximising every resource at your disposal.

Our Administration courses run the full gamut of business skills, helping you to become more analytical, a better planner and a better communicator. Learning with us, you’ll gain a more holistic view of your organisation, and learn the value of cutting out minor inefficiencies.

We offer a diverse array of Administration courses, including Business Writing Skills, Minute Taking and Office Management. By providing you with greater structure, purpose and confidence in your work, our courses aim to develop you as a person as well as an employee.

Administration courses

Minute Taking with Confidence

This course is ideal for anybody who takes notes at meetings, and needs to produce clear and accurate minutes that will be acted on and referred back to.

As useful as meetings can be, they aren’t always structured in a way that’s easy to digest. The important information can be buried or scattered throughout, making it imperative that you take good notes. Without accurate minutes, you may end up forgetting what was said or focusing on the wrong things, and end up treading over the same old ground.

Our Minute Taking With Confidence course will show you how to work more effectively within any meeting agenda. You will gain the skills needed to take better and more attentive notes during a meeting, helping you to differentiate between what is significant and what is ultimately irrelevant.

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Administrator and Office Management Skills

This course is ideal for any administrator, office manager or personal assistant wishing to enhance their general effectiveness, confidence and communication skills.

As an administrator or office manager in a busy workplace, you will be used to a fair bit of juggling. New tasks can pop up all the time, and just keeping track of everything can seem like a job in itself. This constant flurry of work and distractions can prevent you from focusing on any one task, and performing it to the best of your ability.

Our Administrator and Office Management Skills course will enable you to get a hold on your workload, and maximise your contribution to the management team. Starting with an understanding of your role in the hierarchy, you’ll learn about time management techniques, being more assertive in your communication, and how to handle difficult situations.

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Business Report Writing Skills

This course is ideal for anybody who is responsible for producing reports for colleagues and clients, or who wishes to brush up on their business writing skills.

Everyone thinks they’re a writer until it’s time to put pen to page. This is doubly true for business reports, which require both deep thought and a keen eye. You not only have to contend with traditional writing skills - i.e. grammar and punctuation - but also the unique structure and vocabulary that colleagues and clients will expect.

Our Business Report Writing Skills course aims to bolster your writing skills, and strengthen the content of your reports. You’ll cover the use of plain and fluent English, using the correct grammar, and demonstrating an effective layout, ensuring that your reports are professional, parsable and contemporary.

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Professional Business Writing Skills

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their written communication skills, whether that’s to reduce internal email chains or connect better with customers.

It’s easy to get lulled into thinking that all modern business communication is informal. When you’re primarily communicating with your colleagues and customers via email, text or Twitter, you might think that business writing skills are a thing of the past. But with every message being logged online, clarity and quality are more important than ever.

Our Professional Business Writing Skills course will help you get your message across in a clear and professional manner. You’ll learn about the value of written communication, the pitfalls of poor communication online, and how to put together written communication that is crisp, clear and readily understood.

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