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Projects exist to organise people within an organisation, and get them to focus on the same goal. Yet without the ability to plan, manage and execute on projects, their logistical advantages are lost – leading to wasted time and effort, or even damage to your reputation.

Our Projects courses aim to provide a framework for more efficient and effective projects. We’ll help you to define your goals and objectives, identify risks and problem areas, and provide a structure for others – giving you the tools to create a more organised and harmonious working environment.

Our courses range from an Introduction to Project Management to Process Mapping and Internal Auditing for ISO Standards. Each one provides a range of critical time and resource management skills – helping you to manage projects with more confidence and less stress.

Project Management and related courses

Introduction to Project Management

Our Introduction to Project Management course is ideal for new project managers, or other managers who would benefit from a better understanding of project management techniques and skills.

Whether you're conducting projects in-house or for clients, good organisation is key. A mismanaged project can take longer than it needs to, consuming resources and generating discontent. Internally, this can cause paralysis and inhibit your growth; externally, it can affect your reputation and prevent you from making sales. 

This interactive one-day course will give you an excellent grounding in project management, whatever their size and scope. It is packed with practical tools and essential resources to help you deliver your projects on time, to budget and as specified - and to build a reputation for steadfast efficiency.

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Internal Auditing for Quality & Environmental Management Systems: ISO 9001 or ISO 14001

This course is ideal for managers and staff with the responsibility for undertaking ISO9001 or ISO14001 internal auditing.

All businesses that operate to the requirements of either ISO 9001 (Quality) or ISO 14001 (Environmental) Management Systems need to carry out an annual internal audit of their entire management system. While this is chiefly done to retain the external certification, it also ensures that you are operating a robust and effective system.

Your own staff can carry out these internal audits, but need to demonstrate their impartiality and competence. Our Internal Auditing for Quality & Environmental Management Systems course equips staff to achieve this, steeping them in the auditing process, and giving them the tools to conduct an audit and file a comprehensive report.

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Introduction to Process Mapping

Our Process Mapping course is ideal for managers and supervisors who want to understand what process mapping is, and its many principles and benefits.

In organisations of all sizes, even the simplest process can get convoluted over time.  From the desk of Person A to Department B to Section C, steps get missed, orders get confused, and important information gets dropped.  By the end of the process, everyone agrees that something went wrong – but nobody knows quite how to fix it.

Our Process Mapping course posits that the answer is in the title. You’ll be introduced to the principles of process mapping, and how it can help you to identify best practices that can be used across the whole organisation. By learning to visualise and plot the course of a process, you’ll soon be able to construct more efficient and effective ways of working.

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