• Process Mapping

    In any organisation of any size, even the simplest processes can get convoluted over time. From the desk of Person A to Department B to Section C, steps get missed, orders can get confused and important information gets dropped. By the end of the process, everyone agreed something went wrong – but how do you fix it? The answer is process mapping.
    Businesses that use process mapping benefit from the ability to identify best practices that can be used across the whole organisation and lead to a more efficient and effective way of working.
    This highly interactive and practical course introduces delegates to process design management principles.
    In particular, it will raise awareness of managing key business criteria such as customer satisfaction, continual improvement and their relationship to process management.

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  • Directors' Development Programme (3 days on consecutive weeks)

    Directors' Development Programme (3 days on consecutive weeks)

    This three day programme combines the key criteria for those who are wanting to develop further into strategic business leaders.
    Every business, large or small, requires their leaders to have a focused understanding of the finances, commercial impact, and how to work with, or as an active member of the Board.
    By enabling delegates to focus intensively on these vital business functions, this programme combines the practical with the theoretical and provides both aspiring and existing leaders in the organisation with the confidence, knowledge and passion to drive the business forward.
    “Leaders set the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there” (John P Kotter)
    We invite all those wishing to develop as inspirational leaders in their business to attend this 3 day course.  It will be challenging, stimulating and will give you the basis on which to successfully develop your business and yourself.

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