• Working with Diversity

    Equality and Diversity

    We live and work with a wide variety of people and communities – different races, religions, ages, genders – to name but a few. How does this diversity impact on you, your workmates and your customers?

    This workshop will help your business, team or department, to recognise how essential it is for your business to recognise these in your work colleagues and customers and how to work with them positively.

    It is a highly practical day covering the jargon behind equality and diversity, its importance and an overview of the relevant laws.  

    The active sessions allow review and discussion of all behaviour in a constructive and positive way to ensure that you work effectively together.  Real case studies will be used for examples.

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  • Dealing Effectively with Conflict

    Conflict Resolution - dealing effectively with conflict situations

    Increasingly our workplace offers us the chance to work with a larger number and wider variety of people.  This diversity provides many positive opportunities and can also increase the potential for conflict.
    Whether it be experiencing consistently disruptive or aggressive behaviour or sensing more subtle underlying tensions, conflict is a major source of stress, which can affect morale, self-confidence and ultimately productivity.

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  • Leadership Programme

    Senior Leadership Programme (2 days)

    This two day course will enable you to identify your personal leadership strengths and how to build on these to enable you to lead and inspire your team.  In turn this will motivate them and increase the effectiveness of your leadership.

    Looking at different motivators, drivers and challenges, the two days will enhance your confidence in setting the strategic direction for your team, communicating the message and having successful outcomes through clear and effective leadership.

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  • ilm recognised course - 3 day management programme

    Management Programme (3 days)

    This intensive three-day modular programme offers you a series of fast-moving and thought provoking sessions that will give you the knowledge and skills to be a great manager.
    What you will get:

    • 12 Fundamental leadership and management skills areas
    • Practical exercises and ideas that work immediately back in the workplace
    • Opportunity to work with and discuss concerns and experiences with like-minded managers from a variety of sectors and industries
    • Experienced facilitators to work with you on developing your skills
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  • Managing Under-Performance & Difficult Behaviour

    Managing Poor Performance & Difficult Behaviour

    As a manager, you will have had to cope with a staff member who is not performing to an acceptable standard.
    Maybe there are aspects of their behaviour you find difficult to manage. When does “difficult behaviour” becomes “poor-performance” and what are your options for managing this?
    Whether the problems are related to productivity, motivation, morale or personal issues, they can be very disruptive. This course looks at practical steps which managers can take and their legal implications in managing poor performance and difficult behaviour.

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  • Motivating Staff through Training & Coaching

    Coaching and Mentoring

    This one-day course on Coaching and Mentoring is for people wishing to develop their coaching or mentoring skills at any level within an organisation.  It aims to give participants a clear insight and understanding into the dynamics that happen between either individuals or groups of people when they work together.
    When either coaching or mentoring there is always the temptation to provide the solutions to the issue being discussed.  Through this course, we will help you find ways to help and encourage the person to find the solution themselves.

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  • Moving Into Management

    Supervisory Management - Introduction to First Line Management

    First line managers often have superb technical skills which is the reason they are promoted, but lack the very different skills to manage others. 
    You need to think like a manager and act like one which can be daunting. This workshop is designed to answer some of those questions at the forefront of your mind….

    • How much authority do I have?
    • What should I really be doing now?
    • How do I get my points across?
    • How do I motivate my old workmates to undertake the jobs they are assigned?
    • How do I tell people they're doing a great job?
    • How do I tell people they're doing a bad job?
    • How do I cope with stepping up into a new role?
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  • Negotiating, Influencing & Persuading

    Negotiating, Influencing & Persuading

    In this active and practical programme, you will learn how to make a strong personal impact, the value of great listening and rapport, and how to tailor your message to the person you want to persuade.
    Starting with the fundamentals of human communication, we look at the psychology of effective persuasion and handling resistance.
    You will learn to plan, deliver and follow through on critical negotiations. You will be able to break stalemates and defuse conflict resulting in the best possible agreement – one that lasts.


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  • Project Management

    Introduction to Project Management

    This one day course will give you excellent grounding in managing projects, whatever their size. This workshop is packed with practical tools and resources to help you deliver your projects on time, to budget and as specified.

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  • Leading a Successful Team (2 days)

    Leading a Successful Team (2 days)

    How can you get the best from your team? How can you get them all pulling in the same direction?  

    This two day team leadership course will enable you to explore a range of practical management leadership techniques to lead, encourage, & inspire performance from your teams.

    You will learn how to adapt your leadership style according to the individual, task and situation. You will learn how to motivate and inspire others in an assertive and effective way and how to add value to each team process.

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