• Reception skills

    Reception skills – the face of your organisation

    Reception staff are the “ambassadors” for your business.
    However, are they inclined to say “I’m just the Receptionist” rather than acknowledging their vital role in the organisation team?
    The first point of contact a customer has in any business is usually this member of staff who creates the first impressions of your company and this may affect any future relationships.
    This course will provide practical solutions to the day to day aspects of the job, giving Reception staff the confidence to represent the business to all clients, visitors and staff.

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  • Kent Trainers - Managing Customer Complaints

    Managing Customer Complaints and Confrontation

    This course is designed to give you the confidence and ability to understand the causes of difficult behaviour and complaints from customers, and how to deal with them effectively. Whether face to face, on the telephone or via social media, we will look how you can diffuse confrontation with a customer without entering into an argument.
    We will look at reviewing the service you are offering, and what you can do to prevent complaints or conflict happenng again.

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  • Customer Service Excellence

    Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

    This programme will provide delegates with key skills to interact with customers through a variety of different communication channels such as face to face, on the telephone and through social media. Learners will understand how to manage expectations and to minimise complaints whilst understanding how feedback can improve service.

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