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  • This training course can be tailor-made and delivered in-house for up to 12 people. Held online via our virtual classroom or where safe to do so, at your premises or a nearby venue.
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Why book this course?

Most of us will live and work with a wide variety of people and communities. While we all have a lot in common, people of different races, religions, ages and genders bring different perspectives and life experiences to the workplace. 

Our highly practical Equality, Diversity and Inclusion course covers the fundamentals of equality and diversity as it applies to the workplace, developing understanding and improving attitudes towards Inclusivity.

You’ll receive a primer on the jargon around diversity, but more importantly learn tangible ways in which diversity impacts on your business: from the value of diverse opinions and perspectives, to an overview of the relevant laws around workplace equality.

By better understanding these differences and how they impact on your relationships with colleagues and customers, you can avoid communication issues, build a rapport between people from different backgrounds, and ultimately develop a more inclusive and positive work culture.

Who is the course for?

Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) training course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of equality and diversity, and how to incorporate best practice to foster a more inclusive, positive, and tolerant workplace. This can range from addressing the toxicity of a male-dominated environment for female employees, to building empathy and understanding between people from different backgrounds.

Our course is not a box-ticking exercise, or intended as a form of sensitivity training. Instead, it aims to highlight the positive benefits of equality and diversity at a personal and structural level. This includes how you can help to improve the culture within your organisation, and how understanding your colleagues and customers better can help to develop deeper and more fruitful relationships.

What content will the course cover?

  • The definition of equality and diversity and what they mean to you as an individual, to the organisation and to your customers and suppliers

  • The benefits of equality, diversity and Inclusion

  • An overview of the relevant legislation

  • Best practice and areas for development

  • Reviewing the current culture of your organisation and what you can do to make it inclusive, positive and beneficial for all.

  • Your individual roles and responsibilities in ensuring best practice 

  • Key learning points and action planning.

What will I get out of the training?

This course will help you, your team or your department to recognise the value of diversity within your workplace, whether that is your colleagues or your customers. Through active sessions and honest conversations, you’ll review and discuss behaviour in a constructive and positive way, identifying and breaking down barriers. This will involve the use of real case studies, which will be discussed and responded to in an open and accommodating way.

At Kent Trainers, we’re proud to adapt our courses to the needs of businesses across the region. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion course encourages participation, with delegates being encouraged to ask questions and receiving advice from trainers and peers. By the end of the course, you’ll have an understanding of diversity as it applies to your workplace, and a knowledge of where you can adjust your behaviour to better support your colleagues.

What is the duration of this course?

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training is a 1-day course.

The timings and format for our courses are as follows:

  • Scheduled training courses held virtually

Unless specified, courses commence at 9:30am and finish at approximately 4:00pm.  The day is broken up into modules, both online and offline to ensure engagement and interaction.  We also ensure that there are plenty of comfort breaks throughout the day.

  • Scheduled training courses held at one of our venues

Courses commences at 9:30am and finish at approximately 4:30pm. On all our scheduled courses, a hot lunch is included, and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

  • In-house & bespoke courses, held virtually or at a venue of your choice

For all in-house training courses, we will adapt the timings and format for the day around the needs of your team and business. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

In-house training

All of our courses can also be adapted for delivery in-house, either at your premises or a suitable nearby location. This not only means bringing our training to you, but also tailoring it to your needs, adjusting the course content and delivery to improve your learning outcomes.

From an initial consultation, we’ll work with you to identify your unique requirements, and what you want to get out of the training. We can then redesign an existing course or develop a new course to provide effective training that meets the requirements for certification.

Every in-house training course is delivered by our experienced and qualified trainers. We provide all of the necessary training materials, and can adjust our course times to suit your schedule. Feedback is collected after each session, helping to further optimise the training.

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