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How many times has someone tried to sell you something already today?

A few years ago, you might have been able to hazard a guess. These days, however, our digital-centric lives mean that we literally lose count of the number of adverts that assault our senses from dawn till dusk.

But the 24/7 availability of digital marketing channels doesn’t mean that sales approaches have become less sophisticated. In response to this constant barrage of advertising in all its many forms, consumers have become more sophisticated in turn. We know how and when we’re being sold to, so we’re getting ever more discerning about which marketing strategies are worthy of our attention.

So, companies have to keep stepping up their game to meet consumer expectations and stand out from the crowd if they want to win new customers. But although landing new business is important, it’s just as crucial not to forget that your existing customer base is a market in itself.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that once you’ve closed a sale, that marks the end of a customer’s potential. Not only do you want to ensure repeat custom – through good after-sales care and follow-up – it’s also important to find out if there is additional business to be gained from that customer, not just more of the same.

One way to do this is to take a closer look at your customer’s business and understand their objectives, unique needs, difficulties and the ways in which they could better serve their own customers. What other products or services could they buy from you that would bolster their own strategies?

We all love a problem solver and if you can demonstrate your expertise by suggesting innovative solutions to your customer’s challenges, your value will soar in their eyes. Who knows, with the right attitude towards your existing customers, you could find your order list expanding without placing a single advert!

Originally posted in Linkedin – Nov 2019

Mark Fryer

7th November 2019

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