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Remarkably, the summer holidays are nearly over and children everywhere are heading back to school.

For some children and young adults, this will mean a transition to a new school, college or university, with all the exciting changes and prospects that brings.

As young people embark on a new academic term, it’s a great time of year to think about your own skills and education. If you thought your learning days were far behind you, why not think again about the ways that professional development training could benefit your career? It could even be fun!

When you think about enhancing your skills, it’s easy to focus simply on technical concepts, such as mastering Excel or learning graphic design. But how about the professional skills that are less easy to qualify – such as self-confidence, resilience, people management and using emotional intelligence in the workplace?

There may be areas of your professional life that you’ve always wanted to improve or, as can be the case for many people, assumed you couldn’t improve. Some people believe that if they are not born an assertive communicator or a compelling presenter, they will never become one.

I firmly believe that human beings never stop learning. So, our courses are geared up to explore everyone’s potential and equip our customers with real, concrete skills that they can start using immediately, with confidence.

For employers, harnessing your staff’s enthusiasm to learn and develop can result in significant positive evolution within your team. For example, if you have an excellent employee who is convinced they cannot negotiate or influence people, maybe it’s time to test that theory and let them show what they can really achieve with a bit of extra training and support.

Originally published on Linkedin – September 2019

Mark Fryer

3rd September 2019