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We all know it’s important for people to enjoy a proper break from work occasionally and of course, with the children off school, summer is the peak time for workers to get away from it all.

But as customers, we can also empathise with the frustration caused by an understaffed or overworked business when we’re trying to access a product or service.

If you’ve noticed a drop in customer care standards in your business this summer, here are some ways that you can ensure the next holiday period doesn’t wreak havoc on client satisfaction.

The aim is to ensure that customer perception of your business doesn’t change, even if your workforce is reduced or your workflows fragmented.

Firstly, make sure your team is set up to succeed. A skeleton crew may be unavoidable, but are your client contact processes as efficient and user-friendly as possible? Can you simplify your pathways temporarily, or draw on assistance from other departments?

Cut back on non-urgent tasks for customer care staff so they can focus all their attention on looking after your clients, where possible.

Check back through your records to find out how busy you were during last summer and how customers tended to contact you. You might be able to identify other efficiencies by turning off your live messenger channel, for example, if summer buyers have been more inclined to call or email.

Make sure customers are in the loop by updating your contact information, such as email auto-replies and social media. Don’t keep them guessing about when to expect a response or delivery; you can manage expectations by warning that service may be slower than usual – although you should always do your best to surpass those expectations if you can.

Finally, make sure your team feel genuinely supported. Staff who feel they are valued will be more likely to go the extra mile for their employer. So, if you appreciate their efforts, let them know and show it by doing your utmost to make their jobs easier.


Originally posted on Linkedin – August 2019

Mark Fryer

30th August 2019