• Sales - Effective Sales Techniques

    Sales - Effective Sales Techniques

    If you are new to the sales role or your job role incorporates selling or account Management, then this course will help you with tried and tested techniques for increasing your sales conversions and confidently seeing the sale through.
    Whether your role is predominently sales or you just have to sell occasionally, this course will cover the role of the salesperson; researching the client and setting objectives; presenting benefits; closing positively and overcoming objections and resistence.
    Selling is not just about product knowledge but your people skills and engaging your buyer, before you try to sell to them. Undertsanding how to build rapport and doing more listening than talking will help you understand what your buyer is looking for.

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  • Commercial Negotiating Skills

    Working in a volatile and competitive commercial environment requires negotiators today to be able to secure desired outcomes with creativity, confidence and steadiness. The Commercial Negotiation Skills workshop is a highly interactive learning solution that gives participants a framework for effective preparation and performance in a range of negotiation situations, as well as providing active practice of key skills and techniques to secure results.
    This workshop is for you if you are involved in negotiating with others as a commercial buyer. It is a very practical programme designed to learn ideas and concepts before putting them into practice at each stage of the process. The workshop identifies ‘best practice’ and builds confidence within the participants to create the right environment for successful outcomes to be reached for both the business as well as the supplier.

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