Service Users – handling difficult service users successfully

Who is it for?

This dealing  with difficult customers course is for people who regularly come in to contact with people who use their services.


Dealing with difficult customers and service users is not easy. Sometimes, no matter what you do, some people aren't happy unless they're unhappy!

This Dealing  with Difficult Customers course helps staff that come into contact with those customers who appear to constantly be looking for a flaw in your service, taking advantage of your policies and being impossible to appease - that “hard to please” bunch.

However,  perhaps surprisingly, you can learn more from these difficult service users, than you could ever learn from your most loyal customers, because often in the myriad of their rants, is a nugget of information that means you can address where your service might be failing.  Their feedback can be brutal but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.  

Staff attending this course can learn the techniques for dealing with aggressive, challenging members of the public in a controlled way, enabling them to try to resolve their issues, reviewing the service offering, and when to know that whatever you do, will never be enough.  

Course content

  • Identify what makes people difficult
  • Looking at what we offer through the eyes of the customer
  • Understanding the way they respond – Transactional Analysis
  • How to defuse a conflict situation – case studies and discussion
  • Handling serial complainers BUT making sure you don’t miss an important message!
  • Overcoming the obstacles to resolving the complaint
  • How to handle criticism when it becomes personal
  • Knowing when you have done as much as you can for them

Course duration

1 day, normally between 9:30 and 4:30

In house options and costs

This course is offered as an in-house option either at your offices or at one of our prestigious venues. If you choose to use one of our venues, room  hire and catering will be charged at our specially negotiated rates.

The cost of an in house course including all training materials for up to 12 delegates is £1195 plus travel + VAT.

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