Sales Team Management

Who is it for?

This Sales Team Management is for managers who want to energise and motivate their sales team to achieve and improve their performance and thus exceed their targets.


A Sales Manager is only successful if the team achieves their targets.   Assisting each sales person to increase sales by only 5% will have a significant impact on the overall sales performance of the team.
The skills required to manage sales teams are very different to those of an expert sales person.  However, many sales managers are former sales people!  

If you are responsible for managing your sales team and want to help them improve their efficiency and meet their targets, then this course is designed with you in mind.  

It will help you lead and inspire your team; plan, set and manage challenging but realistic sales targets to ensure that your team is motivated towards exceeding them.
It will also cover the key skills of getting the best out of your sales team and team dynamics.

Course content

  • Understand the functions of a Sales Manager
  • Plan sales and set targets
  • Manage your team's performance
  • Focus on the activities that directly increase sales
  • Coaching sales people to achieve more
  • Using recognition tools as a prime motivator
  • Different ways to recognise strong sales performance
  • Deal promptly and effectively with problems and under-performers
  • Make your sales meetings upbeat and motivating

Course duration

1 day, normally between 9:30 and 4:30

With the support of Kent Trainers we have introduced a robust sales initiative tailored to our demanding and specific business needs. This training supported by reverse coaching and mentoring has seen our sales conversion rate increase by 10% over a 12 month period. This would not of been possible without the highly focused sales training delivered by Kent Trainers or the enthusiasm of our determined sales force.We look forward to working with Kent trainers this year and into the future and pushing more boundaries by way of their expertise and skills.With thanks

ED Sterling Insurance Group

In house options and costs

This course is offered as an in-house option either at your offices or at one of our prestigious venues. If you choose to use one of our venues, room  hire and catering will be charged at our specially negotiated rates.

The cost of an in house course including all training materials for up to 12 delegates is £1,195 plus travel + VAT.

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