Sales Negotiations

Who is it for?

This negotiating skills course is for sales people who would like to extend their expertise in negotiations with clients either face to face or by telephone.


Recent research states that the process of modern negotiation can involve anything up to 7 people - key decision makers, finance, procurement. The skill of managing negotiation, whether it's a simple 1-1 discussion or a lengthy complex process is key. Negotiation is about balance, creating quality interactions that build and support good business and lead towards a win-win outcome where everyone involved feels valued.

The course covers the fundamentals of successful negotiation - when to negotiate, key principles behind the process and how to deal with tactics or power play. It also looks at negotiation 'types', learning to say 'no' and handling objections. Practical advice combines with theory and practice to create a powerful and productive day.

Course content

  • What is negotiation  – understanding the fundamental principles
  • The skills and techniques involved in professional negotiation
  • Negotiation Styles – what type of negotiator are you?
  • The four stages of negotiation
  • Identifying trading components
  • The balance of power and maximising ‘neutral’
  • Understanding how to communicate confidently and assertively
  • Gaining the desired outcome to achieve sustainable results
  • Action Plan for Success

Course duration

1 day, normally between 9:30 and 4:30

In house options and costs

This course is offered as an in-house option either at your offices or at one of our prestigious venues. If you choose to use one of our venues, room  hire and catering will be charged at our specially negotiated rates.

The cost of an in house course including all training materials for up to 12 delegates is £1,195 plus travel + VAT.

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