• Managing a sales team

    Sales Team Management

    A Sales Manager is only successful if the team achieves their targets.   Assisting each sales person to increase sales by only 5% will have a significant impact on the overall sales performance of the team.
    The skills required to manage sales teams are very different to those of an expert sales person.  However, many sales managers are former sales people!  

    If you are responsible for managing your sales team and want to help them improve their efficiency and meet their targets, then this course is designed with you in mind.  

    It will help you lead and inspire your team; plan, set and manage challenging but realistic sales targets to ensure that your team is motivated towards exceeding them.
    It will also cover the key skills of getting the best out of your sales team and team dynamics.

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  • Event Management

    Event Management – Organising and Planning Events

    So what event have you been made responsible for organising?

    • Charity Fundraising
    • Business event
    • Client entertainment
    • Exhibiting at Business Exhibition

    This one day event management workshop will give you the confidence to undertake whatever event you are responsible for organising. It will give you the essential tools to plan any event, to work effectively with project members and to ensure that the event comes in on budget - and is a great success!

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  • Digital Marketing Skills

    Digital Marketing

    In recent years, there’s been a big shift from offline to online marketing. This course gives you a basic grounding in traditional marketing theory, then brings you right up-to-date with the latest thinking about websites and social media. The focus is on digital marketing activities that benefit your bottom line.
    Part 1 Traditional marketing theory, with examples and practical exercises to demonstrate best practice. You will come away with all the main marketing principles at your fingertips, plus a marketing plan you can put into effect immediately. You will also learn what makes websites work.
    Part 2 Social media. You’ll understand the key mindset shift between traditional and social media marketing, and learn how to get best results from blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

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  • Introduction to Social Media

    Making Social Media work for you

    Please bring your own laptop. You should be familiar with using the Internet and already have accounts set up in Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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  • Selling by Phone

    Telephone Sales Skills

    Selling by phone - three simple words with the power to evoke a multitude of reactions, (usually around intrusive evening calls). Part of the aversion to selling by phone is that it probably has been tried with little success and from that springs the belief that ‘it’s had its day’ or ‘it doesn’t work anymore’.
    However, every member of staff who speaks to any customer is part of your sales team.
    In modern business there’s no escaping the phone as a viable and necessary form of communication when it comes to the exchange of goods, products, services, knowledge and skills.
    The phone is the perfect tool for creating sales opportunities.  It can create not just sustain business, and to not utilise the telephone effectively is a waste.
    This workshop is designed to revive and revitalise telephone sales skills for both the inbound and outbound calls.

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  • Negotiating a sale

    Sales Negotiations

    Recent research states that the process of modern negotiation can involve anything up to 7 people - key decision makers, finance, procurement. The skill of managing negotiation, whether it's a simple 1-1 discussion or a lengthy complex process is key. Negotiation is about balance, creating quality interactions that build and support good business and lead towards a win-win outcome where everyone involved feels valued.
    The course covers the fundamentals of successful negotiation - when to negotiate, key principles behind the process and how to deal with tactics or power play. It also looks at negotiation 'types', learning to say 'no' and handling objections. Practical advice combines with theory and practice to create a powerful and productive day.

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  • Copyrwriting for websites

    Writing Compelling Web Copy

    This is a highly practical course that includes writing copy for web pages, marketing material, blogs or any other communication that is necessary to run a highly successful marketing campaign or to just keep your business ahead of the game!
    Run by a professional copywriter with decades of experience, you'll discover the tips and tricks that turn ordinary writing into copywriting that gets results.

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  • Kent Trainers - Sales Techniques

    Effective Sales Techniques

    If you are new to the sales role or your job role incorporates selling or account Management, then this course will help you with tried and tested techniques for increasing your sales conversions and confidently seeing the sale through.
    Whether your role is predominantly sales or you just have to sell occasionally, this course will cover the role of the salesperson; researching the client and setting objectives; presenting benefits; closing positively and overcoming objections and resistance.
    Selling is not just about product knowledge but your people skills and engaging your buyer, before you try to sell to them. Understanding how to build rapport and doing more listening than talking will help you understand what your buyer is looking for.

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  • Negotiation Skills

    Commercial Negotiating Skills

    Working in a volatile and competitive commercial environment requires negotiators today to be able to secure desired outcomes with creativity, confidence and steadiness. The Commercial Negotiation Skills workshop is a highly interactive learning solution that gives participants a framework for effective preparation and performance in a range of negotiation situations, as well as providing active practice of key skills and techniques to secure results.
    This workshop is for you if you are involved in negotiating with others as a commercial buyer. It is a very practical programme designed to learn ideas and concepts before putting them into practice at each stage of the process. The workshop identifies ‘best practice’ and builds confidence within the participants to create the right environment for successful outcomes to be reached for both the business as well as the supplier.

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