Presentation Skills

Who is it for?

This presentation skills course is for anyone who has to make a presentation and needs to understand the key skills and techniques.


The ability to communicate well and successfully present information on products, services and concepts is a key personal skill in today's business arena. Being able to get a message across with clarity, credibility and enthusiasm is vital to engaging the audience whether it's a 1-1 with the boss, a quarterly board meeting or a client proposal. Many dread public speaking  - presenting even tops 'dying' on many top ten fear lists! - so how can we minimise the nerves, take control and deliver an impactful, inspiring message that appeals and motivates our audience?

The course covers the fundamentals of great presenting, from preparation through to delivery, blending key skills with opportunities to practice both structure and delivery. It covers understanding the audience, setting objectives and controlling nerves providing practical experience as part of the learning process. It also looks at presenting in the digital age with advice on successfully communicating via conference call, webinar or Skype.

Course content

  • What is a presentation?
  • What skills and techniques make a ‘great’ presenter?
  • The golden rules of powerful presentations
  • Establishing clear outcomes – key messages
  • Structuring your presentation for success – planning what to say
  • Using presentation aids to full effect
  • Understanding the audience and their needs
  • Controlling the nerves
  • Gaining buy-in and motivating to action
  • Tips for presenting powerfully in the digital age
  • Action Plans for Success

Course duration

1 day, normally between 9:30 and 4:30

In house options and costs

This course is offered as an in-house option either at your offices or at one of our prestigious venues. If you choose to use one of our venues, room  hire and catering will be charged at our specially negotiated rates.

The cost of an in house course including all training materials for up to 8 delegates is £1,195 plus travel + VAT.

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