• Kent Trainers - Advanced Presentation Skills

    Presentation Skills Advanced

    With the fundamentals of great presenting firmly in place, what happens when the venue gets bigger, the audience increases in size, the topic gets complicated or the boardroom beckons? The basics of structure and delivery still apply but what skills and techniques can we employ to increase our impact even further?
    This programme looks at the skills involved in successfully handling an 'advanced' presentation situation. Delivering with enough power and passion to fill any room, openings that are guaranteed to grab an audience, navigating topics of all types including 'bad' news and adopting a question and answer structure that maintains both control and credibility.
    With opportunity to practice and receive on the spot coaching and feedback, this programme is for experienced presenters looking to build and maximise their communication skills.

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  • Kent Trainers - Undertaking Investigations and Writing Reports

    Undertaking Investigations and Writing Reports

    Part of a Manager’s responsibility in any business or Organisation is to investigate Discipline and Grievance issues or accidents under Health and Safety legislation.
    This course has been designed to help Managers to ensure they follow a consistent process and investigate incidents thoroughly, obtain appropriate evidence, question witnesses and then prepare evidence based reports which contain a firm conclusion and recommendation for future action.
    The highly experienced Trainer will work with the delegates using specific examples and guidelines and deliver a lively and interactive course which will build the confidence of delegates to undertake the process effectively.

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  • Kent Trainers - Self Confidence and Personal Resilience

    Developing Self Confidence and Personal Resilience

    Resilience can be descried as our ability to ‘bounce back’ from setbacks and maintain control under challenging circumstances. 
    Resilient individuals are able to avoid dwelling on ‘failures’ and rather, use such experiences as valuable lessons whilst persistently looking for ways to strive forward. 
    Resilient people are better equipped to impart resilient attitudes within others and to develop robust and adaptable teams. 
    Resilience is a fundamental attribute in business today, not only as a key factor to individual success but also for the success of the teams. 

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  • Kent Trainers - Psychology for Business

    Psychology for Business

    Are you interested in any of the following: conflict resolution, stress management, team building, leadership development, assertiveness, time management, work life balance, facilitation skills and other human related issues at work?
    To enhance workplace relationships, a basic understanding of your own and other people’s behaviour, motivation and communication will underpin any approach.
    The Model of Human Behaviour is key to understanding what drives the way in which we behave and interact with others.  It is a widely used psychological model that forms the foundation of this workshop which will give you an  opportunity to reflect on your own and other people’s ways of thinking and behaving in the workplace.

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