• Business Writing Skills

    Business Writing Skills

    Who needs business writing skills these days – it’s all email, text and Twitter – isn’t it?
    Getting your message across, by whatever method, professionally and clearly is an essential business skill. The right balance of assertiveness and courtesy needs to be achieved in order to build and maintain a good business relationship. 
    Whether you are writing a business letter to a client or an email to a colleague, the style and content of your document is of crucial importance in how they see you.
    This course will help you put together written communication that is crisp, clear and readily understood.

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  • Communicate Assertively and with Confidence

    Communicate Assertively and with Confidence

    Communicating assertively and with confidence is vital to get your message across.  We can be the best in our role, but if we cannot communicate our wishes to others, our skills will be undermined. Assertiveness is when a person stands up for their rights without violating the rights of the other person.

    Understanding how we are perceived and how we perceive others is crucial to demonstrating assertion.  Often we do not get what we want because our behaviour does not support what we say.  This workshop will provide you with a more effective style of communication both with your colleagues and your customers.

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  • The Effective and Confident Administrator & Office Manager

    Administrator and Office Management skills

    As an Administrator/Office Manager in a busy office, you will be used to ‘juggling balls’.
    This Effective and Confident Administrator course will enable you to maximise your contribution to the management team.
    You’ll receive practical advice on working relationships with everyone in the office, and how to enhance the team performance by anticipating needs and required actions.

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  • Kent Trainers jumping boy - Minute Taking with confidence

    Minute Taking with Confidence

    Are you responsible for taking minutes of meetings?
    This popular course will show you how to work effectively with the Chair, and how to take notes during a meeting by distinguishing the significant elements from the irrelevant. You will be shown how to write up minutes which are accurate, concise and easy to use, ensuring that action points are followed up.
    This course will improve your confidence, enabling you to minute formal and informal meetings effectively.

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  • Presentation Skills

    Presentation Skills

    The ability to communicate well and successfully present information on products, services and concepts is a key personal skill in today's business arena. Being able to get a message across with clarity, credibility and enthusiasm is vital to engaging the audience whether it's a 1-1 with the boss, a quarterly board meeting or a client proposal. Many dread public speaking  - presenting even tops 'dying' on many top ten fear lists! - so how can we minimise the nerves, take control and deliver an impactful, inspiring message that appeals and motivates our audience?
    The course covers the fundamentals of great presenting, from preparation through to delivery, blending key skills with opportunities to practice both structure and delivery. It covers understanding the audience, setting objectives and controlling nerves providing practical experience as part of the learning process. It also looks at presenting in the digital age with advice on successfully communicating via conference call, webinar or Skype.

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  • Report writing - Kent Trainers jumping boy

    Report Writing

    This Report Writing course will strengthen the content of your reports whether for internal or external use.
    You will develop skills to clarify your objectives, draw up an outline and organise your information; how to construct arguments; prepare summaries and write recommendations.
    The course will also cover the use of plain English, using the correct grammar and demonstrate an effective layout to ensure that your reports are professional and contemporary.

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  • Time Mangement - Kent Trainers jumping boy

    Time Management: Managing Yourself and Your Time

    This time management course is about coping with the demands of a busy job and excellent time management to get the balance right for a more organised working day.

    By organising your workload effectively rather than constantly having to react to events, you can become more effective and gain control and enjoyment from your role.

    You will be equipped with the tools to deliver your best results whilst coping emotionally and professionally in a high-pressure environment.

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  • Chairing Productive Meetings - Kent Trainers jumping boy

    Meetings – Chairing Productive Meetings

    If you chair or facilitate at meetings - then this course is for you!

    It gives you a full understanding of the meeting process and how to control and energise a discussion. You will learn how to structure the meeting to best effect; how to manage difficult attendees; and how to agree objectives and outcomes so that your meetings achieve real results in a timely fashion.

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  • Interviewing Skills for Managers

    Interviewing Skills for Managers

    This Interviewing Skills for Managers workshop will teach you how to control an interview and how to use listening and questioning techniques in a constructive way.

    You will learn how to probe with the right questions to get the interviewees talking, how to get all the facts, and how to clarify the information.

    You will also learn how to make the right decisions using the head rather than the heart.

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  • CV Writing and Interview skills

    CV Writing and Interview skills

    This one day CV Writing and Interview skills course enables delegates who are looking to change roles to decide which jobs to apply for, update the CV with relevant skills and help identify how to make the most of experience and knowledge, making you stand out from the crowd.
    It will help you to design a CV which will make a potential employer interested enough to find out more about you and it will also explore what you should expect at interview, and how to prepare to impress the interviewers.

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