• Moving Into Management

    Supervisory Management - Introduction to First Line Management

    First line managers often have superb technical skills which is the reason they are promoted, but lack the very different skills to manage others. 
    You need to think like a manager and act like one which can be daunting. This workshop is designed to answer some of those questions at the forefront of your mind….

    • How much authority do I have?
    • What should I really be doing now?
    • How do I get my points across?
    • How do I motivate my old workmates to undertake the jobs they are assigned?
    • How do I tell people they're doing a great job?
    • How do I tell people they're doing a bad job?
    • How do I cope with stepping up into a new role?
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  • Kent Trainers - Performance Management and Appraisals

    Effective Performance Management and Appraisals

    Performance management is about getting the best out of people and helping them achieve their potential. Appraisal is a part of that process.
    Done well, performance management and the linked appraisal meeting will motivate your staff; it should enhance communications and improve working relationships.
    Successfully undertaken, it achieves a shared vision of the purpose and aims of a business and the part the individual plays in that vision.
    It is a continuous process of personal assessment and development of people, closely allied to your business’s key goals. But, more importantly, it is about developing each member of staff as an individual so that they can reach their potential.
    This course shows you how to get it right for your staff, yourself and ultimately your organisation.

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  • Kent Trainers - Difficult Conversations and how to manage them

    Difficult Conversations and How to Manage Them

    As a manager or HR professional, you sometimes have to have those difficult conversations. This might mean tackling a sensitive topic or dealing with conflict. You need to plan the conversation and be prepared to handle it, however it plays out.  This course will help you to feel confident as you approach it, and to respond flexibly to whatever happens.
    We will encourage you to bring examples of difficult conversations you have had, and difficuly conversations you know you have to have. Any work-place context will be appropriate; difficult conversations with suppliers, customers, colleagues, staff, or your boss.

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  • Kent Trainers - The Role of the Director

    Directors – Roles and Responsibilities

    Too many new directors are not aware of their legal responsibilities and duties.
    This course breaks down the jargon and offers guidance on how to get the best out of theboard, the structure of the board, its relationship with management, and the duties and responsibilities of directors.

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  • Kent Trainers - Decision Making & Problem Solving

    Problem Solving and Creative Thinking

    Creative and innovative thinking enables managers to achieve the skills and abilities to look at the strategic vision of the business, to allow them to implement these with their teams to provide the excellent levels of service.
    This programme explores exactly what creativity and innovation, is how to nurture it and encourage it and to ensure that it produces deliverable effective solutions.
    It explores different ways of generating original ideas to working towards their effective implementation

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  • Kent Trainers - Coaching Package for Leaders

    Coaching Package for Leaders

    Coaching looks at where you are now and where you want to be. Helping you Identify the obstacles and challenges that are preventing you reaching your goals, we can ensure we get a clear focus on what will make a difference.
    In a series of one to one coaching sessions, we work at eliminating those obstacles to enable you to reach your goals.
    Some of the aspects coaching can cover are:-

    • Challenge
    • Strategy
    • Handling Change
    • Asking those tough questions
    • A thinking partner for support and guidance
    • Providing clarity and broadening the thinking process
    • Highlighting performance and vision

    The most important aspect about coaching, is that it is about YOUR agenda and therefore each coaching package will develop differently, depending on your personal requirements.

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  • Kent Trainers - Working effectively with remote workers

    Managing Remote Teams

    Attending this workshop will equip the Remote Leader with the skills necessary to motivate, engage and manage a virtual or distant team on a day to day basis.  Whether the team is on the road, home-based, or at multi-locations, research has found that employees work more effectively with a sense of belonging that comes from being part of a team.
    We’ll show you how to ensure that your team members feel supported and receive regular communication, feedback and coaching.  The workshop will be participative, and include a mix of trainer led discussions, syndicate exercises and group work.

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  • Managing Virtual Teams

    Managing Remote Teams - The Essentials (Virtual Training Course)

    Research has found that employees work more effectively with a sense of belonging that comes from being part of a team. This bitesize session will give you some tips and tools to overcome common remote working challenges and to make your team as effective as possible on a day-to-day basis.

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  • Developing partnerships

    Developing Partnerships with Local GovernmenL

    This one day course is designed to enable all those involved in partnership working at Local Government level to clarify the aims and objectives of the individual groups and how to play to each others’ strengths in ensuring the “whole is more effective than the sum of its parts”.
    Our experienced local government facilitator will help the partners to develop the leadership framework to work effectively.  The delegates will look at the benefits of working in partnership, the characteristics for successful outcomes and how to sensitively handle each others’ individual needs in the group.

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  • Kent Trainers - Employee Wellbeing

    Wellbeing in the Workplace - Developing a Caring Culture & Policy for Your Business

    There is a connection between the wellbeing of your employees and the success of your organisation. 
    Focusing on improving the wellbeing of your people can help to improve productivity, engagement, motivation and retention, and reduce absence.
    The Engage for Success Wellbeing Thought and Action Group identified that high employee engagement and high employee wellbeing are mutually reinforcing. And it’s not just about providing fruit in the staff room and encouraging your employees to do more steps! 

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