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    Discipline and Dismissal

    Handling discipline and dismissal issues needs to be done with care - and confidence – and within legal boundaries and is one part of the manager’s role which can cause the most concern. If the issues are handled effectively they can aid employee motivation but handled incorrectly can create a negative atmosphere and company culture.This course will help you to get it right.

    This course will provide managers with practical ways of dealing effectively with these difficult issues. Templates will be available for use back in the workplace to personalise for your business requirements.

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  • HR Skills

    HR Essentials (2 days)

    This 2-day course is for you if you have limited experience in the fundamentals of HR management.
    It covers key employment issues including: recruitment, employment law and performance management.
    You will learn how to recruit the right staff, how to support them with appropriate policies and procedures, how to progress their careers and how to manage performance issues.

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  • Managing employee absence

    Absence Management

    Do you have members of staff who have persistent regular bouts of ‘sickness’? Or an employee on long term sick leave? Would you like to know how to deal with absence effectively – and without ending up in an employment tribunal?
    This course is designed to give delegates a practical understanding of how to manage absences from work in a fair, timely and consistent manner and within the law.

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  • Training for Trainers

    Train the Trainer (2 days)

    Trainers need a whole raft of skills, not simply presentation skills, to be effective. In this highly participative 2-day workshop, delegates will learn how to plan and prepare for an engaging training course or programme. They will learn how to write training notes, how to conduct a training session and how to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of the training.
    Delegates will be given an insight into what motivates trainees to learn, different learning styles and how to tailor course material to meet the needs of the delegates.
    Engaging an audience is essential for effective learning to occur, and delegates will be shown how dynamic presentation skills, effective use of body language and assertiveness techniques will help with this process. 
    The number of delegates on this course is limited to 8 to ensure every delegate has a chance to practice their skills and receive feedback.

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  • Employment Law, Managing Absence and Disciplinaries

    Employment Law, Managing Absence and Disciplinary Situations

    How can you keep up to date with changes in the laws affecting employees?
    Do you need to understand what a TUPE transfer involves?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of zero hours contracts?
    This two day course will provide you with a comprehensive grounding and practical guidance on getting to grips with managing difficult employee situations within the Law .  In a friendly, easy to understand way, you will learn about important recent developments in legislation and review methods and procedures to manage employment situations safely, using exercises, case studies and group discussions.

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  • Interviewing and selection skills

    Recruitment and Selection Skills

    This practical workshop will look at the process of recruitment and selection, from looking to recuit to the “onboarding” of the new employee.
    The workshop will show the importance of preparing both the person specification and the job description to ensure that you reduce the risk of recruiting unsuitable applicants.
    We will focus on the all important interviews, developing the crucial skills to provide a detailed picture of each applicant and their suitability for the role.
    All this has to happen within the boundaries of employment law and this popular course will give you the confidence to recruit the right candidate whilst being aware of all the current legal requirements.

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