• Finance for new managers

    Finance for non-Finance Managers

    Every decision a business makes potentially impacts on the finances of an organisation. This course helps to demystify accounting and finance and provides a broad understanding of the basics. Areas covered include why financial records are maintained, the importance of accounting systems, financial terminology and an overview of the financial statements. Delivery is based around discussion of the topics with the use of practical examples and exercises to help embed new skills.

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  • Finance for Directors

    Finance for Directors and Senior Managers

    Senior non-financial executives need to have an understanding of the role of the finance function and the operation of sound financial controls to ensure the integrity of accounts.
    This Finance for Directors and Senior Managers course will give you the understanding of management of cash and profitability and the use of accounting reports and financial data to support the achievement of strategic business objectives and manage day–to-day operations.
    It covers organisation, performance measurement, budgeting, investment appraisal and the management of profitability.

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  • Budgeting and Financial Planning

    Financial Planning and Budgeting

    All budget, cost and pricing decisions are dependent on a clear business strategy and an understanding of the ‘value proposition’ of the organisation.
    This Financial Planning and Budgeting course begins by reviewing the broad objectives and content of business plans, then participants examine the “cash cycle” as the foundation for preparing business budgets and managing for results.  The course considers the drivers of cost and the approaches to setting prices.
    Financial Planning and the preparation of budgets are essential skills for anyone in the position of responsibility.   This workshop will help you to understand the language and processes of budgeting, costing and pricing.

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  • Developing Commercial Awareness

    Strategic Commercial Awareness

    This one day course provides senior managers and leaders with the tools to connect all the key factors required to take the business in a planned direction.  It combines the vision statement with the financial and commercial information to assess where you are now as an organisation and then create a strategic business plan for the future.
    You’ll come away being able to work “on” your business rather than just “in” it.

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  • Budgeting and book-keeping for Office Managers

    Book-keeping and finance for administrators and office managers

    If you have responsibility in the office for simple book-keeping, VAT returns, operating cashbooks or you’d like to have a better understanding of how the finances work, this workshop will be useful to you.
    Whether you work in the public, private or not-for-profit sector the course  provides you with a basic understanding of accountancy, bookkeeping and financial management.
    It covers the day to day operation of the cashbook, the use of ledgers and the contents of year end accounts (including trading, profit & loss accounts and balance sheet).
    Worried about the jargon?  All will become clear with practical, friendly and relevant advice on what you need to get to grips with the money.

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